A Commercial Fence Doesn’t Have to Look Industrial

Commercial FencingFencing: it sets boundaries, marks property lines, and can serve as a security feature for your place of business. When people think of “commercial fence,” it can conjure images of unfeeling metal rails and chain-link. Of course, you don’t have to settle for the ordinary. Today’s topic discusses your options with new fencing.


Your fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, has probably worked with business owners throughout the area. As they will tell you, businesses from many industries have different needs–and those needs extend to their property’s exterior. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to choose fencing that reflects your company’s image. Popular commercial fencing options include:


Chain-Link: OK, so we started this article downplaying chain-link fencing. However, it is the one most associated with businesses for a reason. Chain-link is made from sturdy metal that beefs up your perimeter’s security.


Vinyl: This option is popular in apartment complexes because of its sturdiness and low maintenance requirements. Vinyl fencing is available in many colors and is built to last. When the aesthetic appeal is your priority, vinyl is final.


Wood: Wood, the classic construction material, leaves an impression. You can choose between decorative picket style and a privacy configuration. The latter is especially useful for hiding unsightly fixtures like dumpsters and HVAC units.


As you can see, fencing can be as unique as your business. Get in contact with a fencing contractor to discuss your options and craft an installation that reflects your organization’s image.