Be a Good Neighbor ­– Install a Good Fence

Wooden Fence“Good fences make good neighbors” is an old proverb, but it remains true today. You and your neighbor will both appreciate the privacy fencing offers and the clearly defined boundary. But what exactly makes a fence good? With so many different wooden fence styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide.


Perhaps the most obvious choice is the “good neighbor” fence. These fences are designed to look equally good on either side, so no one is stuck with the less attractive backside facing them. It’s the perfect option if you and your neighbor are splitting the cost of the fencing.


If privacy is really important to you, then a board-on-board fence is the way to go. This fencing style is designed to eliminate any gaps between planks so that no one can peer through. Even when the wood shrinks over time due to weather exposure, there won’t be any gaps.


Cedar privacy fences are popular among those who prefer a more timeless look. Cedar has incredible durability that makes this wooden fence a good investment, and the crisp lines of this fence style coordinate well with any exterior. Start exploring your options today with your local fencing company and your neighbor to find the style that best meets your needs.