Choosing a Fence for Your Large Dog

If you own a large dog, you likely know how hard it can be to keep your furry friend contained when they’re excited and full of energy. Depending on the breed of your dog, he or she may be fond of chasing squirrels or barking at cars. If your large dog is particularly strong or energetic, you should carefully consider the type of fence to have installed around your yard. The goal with your fencing contractor in Hawthorn Woods, IL, should be to find a fence that fits your budget and meets your aesthetic desires while keeping your pet contained. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a fence that’s best suited for a large dog.

Check Local Regulations First
Research your town’s by-laws and regulations, which you can usually find at the town hall or from your local fencing contractor in Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Make Sure it’s Impossible to Climb
When choosing a fence for your yard, it’s crucial to ensure the design of the fence makes it impossible for your dog to climb. This means that chain link fences are a bad idea, as the chains provide your dog with convenient footholds as they make their way up. Go with a solid panel fence with a flat surface instead.

Choose a Fence that’s Tall Enough
Even if your furry friend isn’t an avid climber, he can still jump! Large breeds such as Golden Retrievers or Labradors are unlikely to be deterred by a four-foot fence, so opt for a six-foot one.

Choose a Fence that’s Durable
A big dog is also a strong dog, which means a durable fence is essential. Ask your local fencing contractor in Hawthorn Woods, IL, about fences made from high-quality wood and vinyl or composite materials that can resist charging and chewing.

Block Outside Visual Distractions
A privacy fence is a great choice for a large and energetic dog; he’ll be a lot calmer if he can’t actually see the squirrels, other dogs, and neighbors that typically trigger him to bark. A fence with an open design will allow your dog to see through to any triggers that might set off his aggression or excitement.