Fencing Ideas for Your Backyard Garden

Backyard Garden FenceThere is nothing quite as rewarding as a backyard garden. It’s a space where you can grow beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables. When you manage a garden, there are many important factors to consider–including your fencing.


Imagine this: your fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, is with you to design your new fence, and now your mind is racing with new gardening and landscaping opportunities. You want to grow colorful seasonal plants and produce. How might you incorporate your fence into these plans? Here are some of the most popular suggestions:


Dedicated Partitions: A garden fence should be tall enough to keep most critters away. Add some flash to the practicality by adding a gate around the perimeter. Many garden fences are built with wood and chicken wire, which won’t significantly disrupt the growth of your plants.


Wooden Slats: Privacy is a commodity in today’s world, so investing in a wooden slat fence can be an interesting addition to your landscaping. This type of fencing is great if you want to grow hanging plants–the perimeter of the fence can be used as anchor points for your pots.


Picket Fencing: The classic Americana look begins with the white picket fence. This type of fence is great for front lawns and flower-centric gardens. You will make your landscaping pop out if you add colorful flowers to accent the fencing.


A new fence isn’t always about privacy and access control. Talk to your fencing contractor to learn how you can create practical and aesthetically pleasing fences for your lawn or garden.