How to Avoid Post Rot in a Wooden Fence

Post Rot

When you install a wooden fence in Lake County, IL, there are a few things you can do to make it last as long as possible. Since one of the biggest dangers for this type of fencing is post rot, protecting your posts from the elements is a crucial part of keeping the pristine feature you deserve. Here are a few of the most reliable ways to fight decay and damage when you install your posts:

Start with Dry Posts — When using posts made with green wood, drying is a crucial step in the process. The most dangerous moisture is often internal, so placing your lumber in a cool, dry area with plenty of circulation for a while lets you avoid one of the greatest challenges altogether. Of course, simply buying pre-dried posts will save you time and allow you to skip to this step entirely.

Apply Proper Treatment — The right coating of specialized chemicals can radically improve your wood’s resistance to moisture. Brushed-on copper naphthenate, for example, is a popular preservative that’s free from arsenic and chromium.

Protect with Paint — Once you’ve installed your posts, sturdy latex paint or oil-based stain helps it hold up against weathering.