Three Signs Its Time to Replace Your Wooden Fence

cedar plank wood fenceWooden fences are among the most popular fence types for homeowners. In addition to being affordable, wooden fences provide privacy, shade, and help to keep pets contained. However, wood is a material that is susceptible to deterioration over time. Here are some signs to help you identify whether it is time to replace your wooden fence.

Signs of Rotting
Wood is vulnerable to rotting, and as the decay sets in, your fence will begin to deteriorate and lose its form, compromising its structural integrity. If rotting is detected early enough, the affected sections can be replaced; if it has spread, however, most of your fence has likely already been weakened.

Signs of Insect Damage
Stay on the lookout for holes in your wooden fence, as well as signs of burrowing or gnawing. If such damage is visible throughout most of the fence, there is likely a large infestation that has caused significant structural damage. A fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, can help you determine if a full replacement is in your best interest.

Splintering or Broken Boards
After being exposed to the elements over time, it is not uncommon for the boards of a wooden fence to split or break. Not only does this give your fence a poor appearance, but any gaps created by broken or missing boards will pose a security risk to your property.