Tips for Landscaping along Your Fence

landscaping along a fenceInvesting in a new fence goes a long way in improving the look and ambiance of your property. If you are interested in elevating the stunning features of your yard, then it is also a good idea to consider landscaping. Today, we are going to go over a few tips on how to get the most from landscaping along your fence line.

Fencing contractors in Lake County, IL, agree that landscaping along the fence line is a smart strategy. Placing the right plants along your fence line can go a long way in softening the visual impact of your fencing. Some fence types, like chain-link, can benefit from plants and shrubs that will camouflage their less appealing attributes. Landscaping can also accentuate a fence’s established style. Picket-style fences, for example, establish a cozy look and feel–brightly colored plants enhance this mood and create an idyllic scene in your front lawn or backyard.

When choosing plants, shrubs, and flowers to place along your fencing, also consider your fence’s maintenance requirements and characteristics. Wood fences will require re-painting or refinishing over time, so it wouldn’t be a very good idea to choose plants that may block access to your fencing. In that same vein, also think about the characteristics of the plants you plan to use. Privacy fencing, such as vinyl, can create a windbreak that may leave certain plants susceptible to mildew and rot.

Landscaping and gardening are hobbies, and part of the fun is experimenting with different annuals and perennials to see which ones will grow from your work and diligence. Feel free to mix and match to find plants that complement your fencing. You can also consult with fencing contractors and professional landscapers to gain insight on which plants might work best with your fencing and overall gardening goals.