Wood vs. Vinyl Fencing

backyard fence installation Hawthorn Woods ILWhen it comes to residential fences, natural wood has been the long-time preferred material. A home surrounded by a wood fence has been a mainstay of the American landscape for centuries. However, vinyl fencing has recently become a contender. Which material for backyard fence installation in Hawthorn Woods, IL, is better for you and your home?

If you’re imagining a traditional white picket fence or ranch fence for your home, vinyl is likely your best choice. On the other hand, wood fencing benefits from being flexible in appearance. You can paint your wood fencing a solid color, or simply apply a stain for a more natural look. While vinyl fencing has no need for a paint job, doing so is a labor intensive process as paint does not naturally adhere to this material.

A wood fence should be resealed every few years to avoid rotting. PVC (the material used in vinyl fencing) does not rot. However, when it comes to repairs, vinyl fences are more difficult to fix.

While both types of fencing can get equally dirty, dirt is less apparent on wood fencing panels than vinyl ones. If you choose a vinyl fence, a pressure washer will likely be necessary to maintain a clean appearance.

Wood and vinyl fences are typically treated equally when it comes to a community’s fence laws, and tend to require municipal building permits. Both types of fencing also have a better final result when installed by professionals.