The Best Fences for Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Yard

whitetail fawnWhile many of us enjoy animals and wildlife in general, most homeowners do not want critters getting too comfortable under the deck or making a meal of their vegetable garden. If you have noticed that your outdoor space is being shared with local wildlife, keep reading for how to keep out unwanted visitors with the right residential fencing in Hawthorn Woods, IL.

While any type of fencing will help to keep deer out of your backyard or garden, a wood fence will likely work best. This is because deer are attracted to food and plants they can see, and wood fencing offers the most privacy. Regardless of the fencing type you choose, it should be at least 8 feet tall to prevent deer from jumping over it.

Like deer, squirrels are attracted to food that is readily available, so a wooden fence will effectively prevent any squirrels on the ground from being tempted by your garden in the first place. However, if any nearby trees will allow squirrels to access your backyard from above, consider covering your plants with netting or chicken wire.

Critters like raccoons and opossums are great at both burrowing and climbing. Your wooden fence should be buried to prevent these animals from accessing from underneath. To prevent them from climbing over your fence, consider installing a “floppy fence”, which has curved mesh at the top that folds down when an animal tries to climb on it.