PVC/Vinyl Fencing Vs. Traditional Wood

Vinyl Fence InstallationWood has been the first choice for fences for most homeowners for many years. Wood is a versatile material and can be left to naturally weather, or it can be painted or stained however you wish. In recent years, we have seen a newly manufactured contender enter this arena. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used in fencing materials for vinyl fence installation in Forest Lake, IL.



Different people find different landscape elements beautiful.  The same is true for fences. Many people find real wood to be more attractive than PVC plastic fencing, thanks in part to wood’s flexibility. Vinyl fence installation, on the other hand, tends to look best where it tries to mimic the look of a traditional white-painted fence.


Cost and Ease of Installation

Both wood and vinyl fence installations, turn out better when installed by a professional fence company. Digging post holes and setting posts is a very arduous task. They need to be buried at least one-third of their length (and deeper in some cold-weather climates). Vinyl fencing costs less as it’s easier to work with, being considerably lighter than wood posts and panels.



PVC does not decay, and it doesn’t need to be sealed, stained, or painted. Vinyl fencing is largely maintenance-free, that’s why so many ranch and farmers opt for vinyl fence installation. Properly sealed wood may resist rot for a few seasons, but it will always need to be re-sealed eventually.

Fence Line Landscaping – Giving Your Fence a Visual Softening

Fence Line LandscapingAs a hard, straight-edged element, a typical wood fence cries out for some visual softening. This is effectively achieved by using plants and flowers.


Hiding a chain-link fence is a classic example, as chain-link fences hold little to no ornamental value. Engaging a fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, is a great place to get help and advice, enhancing the fence line of your property.



Even if you don’t have a specific style in mind, certain aesthetic considerations can make a huge difference in how attractive your fence line is, and therefore the curb appeal of your property. Your fencing contractor will advise you to tie the fence planning in with the rest of your landscaping plan, so it flows seamlessly into your yard design. You can achieve a sense of gardening unity by repeating planting elements along your fence to create the sense that one bed flows into the other.



One element you must not forget when dealing with plant and flower planting is their sunlight requirements. Group full-sun plants together with southern or western exposure and then put shade plants in a location with eastern or northern exposure.


Your fencing contractor understands that fencing creates a microclimate and that this has ramifications for your planting designs. In addition to sunlight requirements, you should also group plants with similar water requirements together.

Fencing Ideas for Your Backyard Garden

Backyard Garden FenceThere is nothing quite as rewarding as a backyard garden. It’s a space where you can grow beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables. When you manage a garden, there are many important factors to consider–including your fencing.


Imagine this: your fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, is with you to design your new fence, and now your mind is racing with new gardening and landscaping opportunities. You want to grow colorful seasonal plants and produce. How might you incorporate your fence into these plans? Here are some of the most popular suggestions:


Dedicated Partitions: A garden fence should be tall enough to keep most critters away. Add some flash to the practicality by adding a gate around the perimeter. Many garden fences are built with wood and chicken wire, which won’t significantly disrupt the growth of your plants.


Wooden Slats: Privacy is a commodity in today’s world, so investing in a wooden slat fence can be an interesting addition to your landscaping. This type of fencing is great if you want to grow hanging plants–the perimeter of the fence can be used as anchor points for your pots.


Picket Fencing: The classic Americana look begins with the white picket fence. This type of fence is great for front lawns and flower-centric gardens. You will make your landscaping pop out if you add colorful flowers to accent the fencing.


A new fence isn’t always about privacy and access control. Talk to your fencing contractor to learn how you can create practical and aesthetically pleasing fences for your lawn or garden.

Installing a Fence? Let’s Talk About Permits

Fence InstallationA new fence is a great way to improve the appearance of your property while protecting your privacy. Before you start putting down posts, though, it is important to have the right permits in order. Many homeowners get surprised that some jurisdictions require permits for fence installation in Lake County, IL.


Permit requirements aren’t universal: some areas may require them while others do not. A general trend across the country is that the more densely populated the area is, the more likely you will need to apply for a fence permit. Many factors may require a fence permit, mainly regarding the height, how far it will be from the curb or a public road, and the materials.


Permits for fence installation aren’t always simple to obtain. Some permitting bodies may need you to include photographs, plans, and permission from neighbors before they issue a permit. Fences that share a boundary with another residential plot may also require permission from your neighbor since some municipalities may legally require both of you to pay for the fence. In these instances, it is important to get your neighbor involved.


Obtaining a permit for a fence can be a lengthy and painstaking process. However, there are a few ways to streamline it. For instance, you may hire a fencing contractor to assemble and install the fence for you. Some fence installers may offer to obtain the permits as part of their services. Not all companies do this, so when shopping around and getting estimates, make sure to confirm that obtaining permits is part of service.

Be a Good Neighbor ­– Install a Good Fence

Wooden Fence“Good fences make good neighbors” is an old proverb, but it remains true today. You and your neighbor will both appreciate the privacy fencing offers and the clearly defined boundary. But what exactly makes a fence good? With so many different wooden fence styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide.


Perhaps the most obvious choice is the “good neighbor” fence. These fences are designed to look equally good on either side, so no one is stuck with the less attractive backside facing them. It’s the perfect option if you and your neighbor are splitting the cost of the fencing.


If privacy is really important to you, then a board-on-board fence is the way to go. This fencing style is designed to eliminate any gaps between planks so that no one can peer through. Even when the wood shrinks over time due to weather exposure, there won’t be any gaps.


Cedar privacy fences are popular among those who prefer a more timeless look. Cedar has incredible durability that makes this wooden fence a good investment, and the crisp lines of this fence style coordinate well with any exterior. Start exploring your options today with your local fencing company and your neighbor to find the style that best meets your needs.

A Commercial Fence Doesn’t Have to Look Industrial

Commercial FencingFencing: it sets boundaries, marks property lines, and can serve as a security feature for your place of business. When people think of “commercial fence,” it can conjure images of unfeeling metal rails and chain-link. Of course, you don’t have to settle for the ordinary. Today’s topic discusses your options with new fencing.


Your fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, has probably worked with business owners throughout the area. As they will tell you, businesses from many industries have different needs–and those needs extend to their property’s exterior. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to choose fencing that reflects your company’s image. Popular commercial fencing options include:


Chain-Link: OK, so we started this article downplaying chain-link fencing. However, it is the one most associated with businesses for a reason. Chain-link is made from sturdy metal that beefs up your perimeter’s security.


Vinyl: This option is popular in apartment complexes because of its sturdiness and low maintenance requirements. Vinyl fencing is available in many colors and is built to last. When the aesthetic appeal is your priority, vinyl is final.


Wood: Wood, the classic construction material, leaves an impression. You can choose between decorative picket style and a privacy configuration. The latter is especially useful for hiding unsightly fixtures like dumpsters and HVAC units.


As you can see, fencing can be as unique as your business. Get in contact with a fencing contractor to discuss your options and craft an installation that reflects your organization’s image.

Make a Statement With a Driveway Gate

Driveway GateYour home is your castle, and although you may not decide to surround it with a moat, you may choose to install a driveway gate. If you do there are many options, and each one makes a different statement.

The statement you make could perhaps be “no trespassing” shouted by a stout industrial-looking barrier erected to deter vandals. Maybe you don’t have those concerns and wish to add a gate as an accent to your property.

Your first step should be to choose a fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, such as Premier Fence & Decks LLC, that will work with you to figure out which option is the best for your property.

An experienced and dependable contractor will assess what size gate you need and your security concerns if any. They will then take that information and help you make a decision.

Take the time and consider the impact a new gate will have on the curb appeal and value of your home and decide accordingly. Wood is a traditional choice which certainly doesn’t look out of place in a rural setting while a wrought iron decorative gate is a very nice addition to an urban landscape.

Vinyl gates are very low maintenance, and a gate with automatic opener is a godsend on those bitterly cold or rainy days. The choice is yours, and so is the statement you will choose to make with your new gate.

How to Avoid Post Rot in a Wooden Fence

Post Rot

When you install a wooden fence in Lake County, IL, there are a few things you can do to make it last as long as possible. Since one of the biggest dangers for this type of fencing is post rot, protecting your posts from the elements is a crucial part of keeping the pristine feature you deserve. Here are a few of the most reliable ways to fight decay and damage when you install your posts:

Start with Dry Posts — When using posts made with green wood, drying is a crucial step in the process. The most dangerous moisture is often internal, so placing your lumber in a cool, dry area with plenty of circulation for a while lets you avoid one of the greatest challenges altogether. Of course, simply buying pre-dried posts will save you time and allow you to skip to this step entirely.

Apply Proper Treatment — The right coating of specialized chemicals can radically improve your wood’s resistance to moisture. Brushed-on copper naphthenate, for example, is a popular preservative that’s free from arsenic and chromium.

Protect with Paint — Once you’ve installed your posts, sturdy latex paint or oil-based stain helps it hold up against weathering.

A Noise-Barrier Fence Is the Ideal Solution When You Live on a Busy Street

thick wooden fenceSome people live next to loud neighbors. Others simply live close to busy roads. Whichever category you fall under, one thing stays the same: you’re always listening to someone else’s noise. If you have had enough of the racket, trade in your earplugs for a noise-barrier fence.

Noise-barrier fences are specially designed to reduce noise from sources outside your property. In general, they’re tall–and the taller they are, the more noise they’ll block. As for thickness, you guessed it: as with height, the thicker your fence is, the more effective it will be.

These fences can also be made from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, and concrete. This is good news for homeowners since it means you’ll never have to choose between form and function. There are plenty of attractive, yet efficient noise barrier fences available.

Because noise-barrier fences come in many different shapes and sizes, your best bet is to enlist the help of a skilled fencing contractor in Lake County, IL. A professional can help you explore your options, plan your fence, and install it in a way that lets you enjoy peace and quiet for years to come. They say good fences make good neighbors, so let a noise-reducing barrier fence help you keep the peace on your block.

Tips for Landscaping along Your Fence

landscaping along a fenceInvesting in a new fence goes a long way in improving the look and ambiance of your property. If you are interested in elevating the stunning features of your yard, then it is also a good idea to consider landscaping. Today, we are going to go over a few tips on how to get the most from landscaping along your fence line.

Fencing contractors in Lake County, IL, agree that landscaping along the fence line is a smart strategy. Placing the right plants along your fence line can go a long way in softening the visual impact of your fencing. Some fence types, like chain-link, can benefit from plants and shrubs that will camouflage their less appealing attributes. Landscaping can also accentuate a fence’s established style. Picket-style fences, for example, establish a cozy look and feel–brightly colored plants enhance this mood and create an idyllic scene in your front lawn or backyard.

When choosing plants, shrubs, and flowers to place along your fencing, also consider your fence’s maintenance requirements and characteristics. Wood fences will require re-painting or refinishing over time, so it wouldn’t be a very good idea to choose plants that may block access to your fencing. In that same vein, also think about the characteristics of the plants you plan to use. Privacy fencing, such as vinyl, can create a windbreak that may leave certain plants susceptible to mildew and rot.

Landscaping and gardening are hobbies, and part of the fun is experimenting with different annuals and perennials to see which ones will grow from your work and diligence. Feel free to mix and match to find plants that complement your fencing. You can also consult with fencing contractors and professional landscapers to gain insight on which plants might work best with your fencing and overall gardening goals.