Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Fence Color

close-up of red wood fenceA fence is an ideal way to add some character to your home and enhance its curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to add life to an old fence or paint one that’s been recently installed, choosing the right paint color or stain can make all the difference between an ordinary fence and a stunning addition to your property. Here are some things to consider before choosing a color for your wood, wrought iron, or vinyl fence installation in Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Your home’s style
The style and color of your home will play a major role in determining the best color choice for your fence. For example, while a classic Colonial home will look best with a crisp, white fence, a country-style home will be better suited with an oak-stained fence.

Your yard and surroundings
In addition to complementing your home, the right fence color will also complement the surrounding environment. For example, a fence painted a bright hue of red will attract much more attention if your neighbors have brown fences. Instead, try taking inspiration from your landscape. If your yard has natural landscaping and plenty of foliage, a dark green paint will blend nicely.

Your neighborhood’s policies and regulations
Some neighborhoods have rules regarding the colors and types of fencing in your area. Policies may limit fence colors to traditional options such as white, natural wood, and brown. Others may require specific colors or materials to maintain a unified look throughout the community.