Fence Line Landscaping – Giving Your Fence a Visual Softening

Fence Line LandscapingAs a hard, straight-edged element, a typical wood fence cries out for some visual softening. This is effectively achieved by using plants and flowers.


Hiding a chain-link fence is a classic example, as chain-link fences hold little to no ornamental value. Engaging a fencing contractor in Lake County, IL, is a great place to get help and advice, enhancing the fence line of your property.



Even if you don’t have a specific style in mind, certain aesthetic considerations can make a huge difference in how attractive your fence line is, and therefore the curb appeal of your property. Your fencing contractor will advise you to tie the fence planning in with the rest of your landscaping plan, so it flows seamlessly into your yard design. You can achieve a sense of gardening unity by repeating planting elements along your fence to create the sense that one bed flows into the other.



One element you must not forget when dealing with plant and flower planting is their sunlight requirements. Group full-sun plants together with southern or western exposure and then put shade plants in a location with eastern or northern exposure.


Your fencing contractor understands that fencing creates a microclimate and that this has ramifications for your planting designs. In addition to sunlight requirements, you should also group plants with similar water requirements together.